Thursday, August 27, 2015

More crafts, part 2

Here are some more crafty things I've made over the last year. These have a more geeky flavor to them. I'm pretty proud of how they all turned out. <3

It's a wallet!
This wallet was a gift for one of my good friends. Took me a while to finish, because I was intimidated by sewing and structure of the project. (I usually come up with a loose plan and then make it up as I go.) But I'm really proud with how it turned out!!


This is one for myself. I got tired of staring generic clock, ripped it apart, and made a Chrono Trigger clock.  Much more awesome and subtly geeky.

Key hanger
Lost sock holder

Welcome sign
Light covers

These were made with some help from the hubby, for a dear couple as a Harry Potter inspired house warming present.  Just some wood pieces from the store, stained, and painted. :-)

All very fun projects!

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