Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More crafts, pt. 4 - various household crafts

This should be the last "catch up" post on documenting the crafty things done over the last year - year and a half.

Here is a skeleton wreath I made last year for Halloween.  Since we live on the third floor with an indoor corridor, no one really sees it, but it makes me happy all the same.  Made with plastic skeleton pieces, wired over a burlap wrapped wreath form.  Fake spider webs added for funsies.

The item on the left is a jewelry hanger made from a photo frame and window screen material.  Used for necklaces and dangle earrings.  The thing on the right is a photo frame made into a holder for stud earrings and rings.  Made from wrapping dowels in felt, then glued into the frame.

This mug is another (recent) birthday present for a friend.  Simply made with a ceramic mug, glass decor pen, and a stencil cut from an old cereal box.

Finally, this is from Christmas time last year as well.  It's shaving soap that the hubby made.  A lot of the people that tried it liked it!  Not the best molding, but it turned out pretty good.

More crafts - pt. 3 - Knitting!

Here are a few knit objects that were Christmas presents last year.

These were hats for my dad and FIL based on a simple WWII pattern.  The FIL loves WWII history, so I thought making a hat from a pattern used for soldiers back then would be appropriate.  I liked how his came out so much that I made a second for my dad. :-P

This is a cowl I made for a friend.  First time I've really knit with more than one color, even though I kind of cheated.  Made with a seed stitch on circular needles holding the black yarn together with the blue yarn.

There was also a pair of fingerless gloves, or "gauntlets" as my brother put it - however I forgot to get a photo of them.

Baking - cakes and pies, oh my!

Those that know me, know that I can and will cook, sometimes I even enjoy it.  But baking is my real love.  I'm not great like those people on shows, and I don't have the patience for that kind of thing (I mean you're just going to eat it right??).  But over the last year or so, I've attempted drawing on cakes and using fruits as pretty, pretty edible cheesecake design.  Mostly just for fun.  And for delicious cheesecake and cake.

These are two cakes I made for doctors at the practice I work at that moved (for various reasons within a few months of each other). One always wore a bow tie to work.  The other pretty much saw any type of animal that walked through the door.  She even did surgery on a 10 ft. python (THAT was an interesting experience)!

Batman cake - for a coworker and friend's wedding shower.  She loves Batman.

This is a baby shower cake that I recently made for one of my coworkers, for her baby girl.

And these two specimens are probably the best cheesecake you'll ever have (recipe found here).  Plus a little decorating fun with fresh fruit.

Desserts just are the best :-)