Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More crafts - pt. 3 - Knitting!

Here are a few knit objects that were Christmas presents last year.

These were hats for my dad and FIL based on a simple WWII pattern.  The FIL loves WWII history, so I thought making a hat from a pattern used for soldiers back then would be appropriate.  I liked how his came out so much that I made a second for my dad. :-P

This is a cowl I made for a friend.  First time I've really knit with more than one color, even though I kind of cheated.  Made with a seed stitch on circular needles holding the black yarn together with the blue yarn.

There was also a pair of fingerless gloves, or "gauntlets" as my brother put it - however I forgot to get a photo of them.

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