Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Warmth, puppies, and alterations.

It was in the in the 50s today and glorious.  It's been so gloomy and snowy for the past month and a half, that the sun was shining in the apartment, and I was like "where's my sunglasses?!"

Anyway, so I've started getting in to the whole working out thing some more.  I've started going to zumba twice a week; I go with a bunch of people from work, so they keep me accountable.  Weirdly enough, the prospect of going to zumba later in the week makes me do my third workout at home on the weekend.  So far I haven't fallen off the wagon, so that's good.  I'm not really looking to lose weight.  As weird as this will sound, my fitness goal is to be fit enough that I would know I could beat someone up if needed.  Not necessarily actually beating anyone, just the knowledge that I could.

Other than that, Rasha has been going through a training class that one of my co-workers is doing.  She already knows a lot of the commands, but she's having fun relearning and getting a lot of attention from mom and dad.
Puppy selfie!

 Craft-wise, I've been learning how to adjust the waistline on jeans (AKA getting rid of that gap at the back that shows the world your underwear).  I think I did pretty well on this pair; you can't even really tell.
 Thanks to my trusty huskystar!  I got it from my MIL, the bobbin casing was loose and messing up the timing, so it wasn't working and snapping needles.  She told me if I could fix it I could keep it.  It works so much better than my Singer.


  1. you are the coolest! that's AWESOME how you fixed the jeans. don't we all hate that silly gap?
    and congratulations about zumba. i have fallen off the wagon with yoga, unfortunately. Hopefully, if I can get a yoga class scheduled for me to teach, that'll make me go back... :)0
    it was another snowstorm here yesterday, so i am SUPER envious of your 50 degree weather (i'm looking at you too, vix)

  2. Aaaah I hate that gap so much! Then all a belt does is make the whole waistline all bunched up and uncomfortable. And even though I'm short, hardly any shirts are made to be long enough to go over it! That is so cool you can fix that!

    Is Zumba as awesome as people say it is? Rather, do you think it'd be something I could get into? I have a friend that loves it and teaches is but of COURSE she would love it because she's a trained dancer. Anyway, that's awesome that you're doing it, and I absolutely love your reason for doing so! :D

    Rasha is so cute! I love that sitting on one paw thing! <3

  3. Zumba is awesome! It's like dancing and aerobics and cardio all combined. And it's fast paced enough that you really don't have time to think, wow I look stupid. The place I go to doesn't even have mirrors, so you don't have to watch yourself.

    That said, it does have a good bit of jumping/bouncing, so if your knee is still an issue, it might not be a good choice for you. If you do want to try it, try to find an independent instructor - mine teaches at a church basketball gym. It's much cheaper than a regular gym - $4 per class or you get a punch card for 5 classes for $15!