Sunday, February 2, 2014



So I've finally joined the smartphone world.  I love it!!  I decided to go with the droid mini - I liked the features, the Android platform, and most of all, the size.  I'm going to try not to get sucked into it, but I do love it.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in central Kentucky!  It actually reached the 60s.  Unfortunately they're calling for up to 8 inches of snow tonight.  Looks like the groundhog did see his shadow today...

The husband is thinking about starting a blog explaining science things to normal people.  Like vitamin supplements and why they're not all great.  He's thinking about getting into science writing, and possibly doing outreach stuff like that, so I think it'll be good practice at least.  Any suggestions?

Not much to update right now, so I think that's about it.


Edit: So the hubby was just asked to be a moderator at the conference he goes to. How exciting!

Also, I've started zumba with the girls at the clinic, and it is so much fun!


  1. YAY SMART PHONE WOOO I will give you the same advice I gave my dad (he had to get one for work); there is WiFi EVERYWHERE - make sure your phone automatically connects to open WiFi connections, and you end up using a lot less data, which can save you money (like if you can forego the 4gig plan to get the 2gig etc). Okay now you absolutely MUST get an Instagram so I can see lovely pictures of you and your family and other cool things all the time. :D

    I would DEFINITELY be interested in reading a your-husband-blog!!! (I wanted to call it a Hisname-blog because I thought it was fun to say but then I realized you probably were keeping names out on purpose. Heh.) Especially anything related to nutrition! My doctors have me on vitamin supplements because of all my stuff but it's so freaking expensive so I think that's an especially great first topic, so I can make the informed decision to not waste my money anymore. :D

    Be safe in the snow!!!

  2. Agreed about WiFi, agreed about Instagram, and agreed about being interested in reading a husband-sciencey-blog!