Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello again...

Heh, so I may have kind of, *slightly*, forgotten that I had a blog. (Checks date on last post.) Yikes, for two whole months.

Since then what I have I been up to, you may or may not wonder.  Work's pretty much the same.  My schedule got shaken up there for a bit - one of our three doctors left.  So with two doctors, we had to redo surgery days a bit, which changed the techs' schedules slightly - so now instead of Tuesdays off, I have Wednesdays off.  The hubby still loves his job and is doing great there.

The girls are still adorable as ever.  The dog will even venture out on the porch on her own (she asks to go out) for short periods of time.  Huge for a dog that's terrified of pretty much everything.

We've got a small garden going on the porch - not sure how well it'll work out, but we'll see. :-P

Oh, and the number one reason I forgot that I have a blog - I finally got a library card here.  SO. MANY. BOOKS.  Must read them all! Lol. They also have a TON of e-books that you can borrow.  I may have hijacked the hubby's kindle for a solid month or two... Although, as an early anniversary present, he did get me my own kindle.  I love it!  Even if he had a sneaky reason for the gift.  :-P  The other really cool part is that we can share all the books on the old kindle (a.k.a. I don't have to start my own Amazon account!)

We also gotten back into our video games - a few months ago when we re-did the entertainment center, all the games got rearranged so that we could actually see them, which lead to us actually playing them again. We replayed the Mass Effect trilogy.  The hubby just picked up Dishonored used, and he started that.  I love the combination of storytelling and art in video games.  Which brings me to my latest project idea - a series of landscape paintings based on stills from video games.  The hubby loves the idea - we like the idea of the geekiness without it being in your face.  For the first couple, we're thinking of doing Rapture from Bioshock, Columbia from Bioshock Infinite, and the Citadel from Mass Effect.  Once I start thinking about the idea there's so many that are pretty - the desert from Red Dead Redemption, like ALL of Skyrim, the really cool ruins and cities in Morrowind, the castle in twilight from Twilight Princess, the city from Dishonored, even parts of the ruined cities in the Fallout games.  It would be so cool.  Anyway, enough of my nerdiness.

Hopefully I'll continue to remember I have this silly thing. :-P

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  1. LOL that's amazing. I actually started a 36x48 painting of a Skyrim landscape not long ago - - but I abandoned it when I realized my painting chops were pretty rusty and I bit off more than I could chew and was getting more frustrated than enjoying myself! I hope you fare better than me! :) Pleeeease post pictures!!! :D Also, yay kindle! Love y'all!!!